Lipo Freeze

Lipo Freeze is a fat freezing procedure that uses non-surgical fat-reduction technology to reduce stubborn fat that resists all efforts through diet and exercise. The results are proven, noticeable, and lasting—so you’ll look great from every angle.

General patients testimonials for Lipo Freeze (not our patients)

I wanted to loose some cm in my waist. Vanquish worked really well for me. In 4 sessions weekly I lost 8cm around my belly but surprisingly only 1 kg . The treatment was very comfortable, I felt just pleasant heat. Even my stretchmarks got better!*

RF treatment on abdomen 6 times, the result is fantastic and reduced by 13 cm after 6 weeks! Need to drink more and more water during the whole therapy to keep your body properly hydrated. The treatment is painless and no downtime. Can resume to your daily work right after the treatment. During the treatment, I feel immense heat on my abdomen. Even though, sometimes I felt too warm, it can easily be resolved by telling the therapist to adjust the device bit further away. In general, it is a very effective and comfortable treatment!*

Abdomen size failed to go back to before after giving birth of a twins 5 years ago. My friends introduced me the RF treatment and I gave a try. The treatment is comfortable and the result is satisfying. Obviously, I need more treatments and probably change by lifestyle a bit to get more results. Till now, I will quite happy with the progress and I have to buy all new cloths due to my body size reduction!*