Silky Skin from Summer Laser Hair Removal

shutterstock_92212246-300x300If you could get rid of one summer chore what would be most inclined to get rid of? If the thought of shaving or waxing your body leaves you cringing and aching then laser hair removal may be just right for you. We realize that shaving can be very messy, waxing is painful and plucking well there is not enough time in the day to get rid of every last piece of hair. Patients contemplating laser hair removal Rhode Island who wishes to get rid of the thought of shaving before heading to the beach this summer well you are in luck.

Laser hair removal is a permanent treatment. We know that men and women want to have beautiful skin by any means possible in order to dawn the barely there summer outfits and bathing suits. Intense laser light treatment can quickly and effectively remove hair from unwanted areas above the lip, chin, ears, bikini line, under arms, legs and chest – virtually anywhere that bothers you. Lasers deliver short pulses of light to the active growing hair follicle that is absorbed by the brown pigment found in the hair follicle, which is designed to disable the follicle without damaging the patient’s skin. Depending on the areas treated, each patient may require six treatments to achieve permanent hair removal.

Is Waxing a Better Alternative to Shaving?

Waxing is a semi-permanent hair removal solution, but many of these topical waxes can be painful and bothersome in personal areas of the body. One of the biggest concerns with waxing is that no matter where the treatment is applied, temporary pain and redness is left behind which can be bothersome. Furthermore, to achieve desirable results, hair needs to be a minimum of one centimeter long in order to remove the hair root. Plenty of people find this tricky, especially if they have short hair growth in between waxing treatments. This is why patients desire Laser Hair Removal East Greenwich, RI.

Laser hair removal treatment is the best solution for permanent hair removal. It continues to grow in popularity, especially with the summer sun shining across our beaches. As per statistics from the American Society of cosmetic Surgeons, over one million American patients underwent laser hair removal in 2013, with periodic maintenance every patient can achieve the look they desire.

For for the best laser hair removal Rhode Island patients can choose, schedule your consultation to learn more about how Dr. Bergus can help you feel comfortable baring your skin without ever shaving again.