Reverse Aging Skin with Minimally Invasive Laser Mini Facelift

woman-beautiful-face-300x199As the summer sun fades into the distance you want to prepare yourself for the glory days of autumn. Now that it is officially August, you can start to say goodbye to the pool and hello to rejuvenating facial treatments. It is no secret that the sun’s ultraviolet rays cause 70 percent of skin aging from sun damage. Of course, we associate older skin to the natural aging process, genetics, diet and smoking – but sun damage plays a significant influence in premature skin aging. Sun damage contributes to developing lines, wrinkles, uneven skin pigmentation and laxity in skin. Fortunately the facelift Rhode Island patients trust most is not as invasive as patients make it out to be. The laser mini facelift can repair the damaging effects of summer and remove unwanted fat in the process.

Laser Mini Facelift Rejuvenation

This is a minimally invasive procedure that tightens and removes damaged skin. A typical facelift is performed by making deep incisions around the ear to repair the effects of aging. However, the laser mini facelift provides remarkable results in far less downtime. Our cosmetic surgeon makes miniscule incisions behind each ear and with laser heat energy the ablation awakens the body’s collagen production. As a result the volume of padding in the underlying layers of skin increases that creates smoother, tighter and natural looking skin in the forehead jaw and neck.

Wrinkling from Sun Damage

Both UVA and UVB rays penetrate skin and react to melanin in a person’s skin cells. However, over time the amount of ultraviolet rays absorbed by the skin exceeds the melanin produced. The ultraviolet radiation damages skin cells’ DNA and try to repair themselves but with excessive sun exposure dry skin, sunburns, sun spots (hyperpigmentation), wrinkles and lost elasticity arise. What most people do not realize is that 90 percent of all our skin is damaged by the sun and as our time outdoors rises, so does our risk of skin cancer. The best thing everyone should consider is to apply sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher, wear wide brim hats to cover the face and wear long sleeves when possible. Additionally, the sun’s ultraviolet rays are at their strongest between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., so we recommend limiting time exposure during these hours.

Get the Rejuvenation from Facelift Rhode Island

For the facelift East Greenwich, RI patients can count on to repair sun damage they can trust the laser mini facelift developed by Dr. Bergus. Full results of a laser mini facelift are revealed within a few weeks of treatment, then you will notice diminished wrinkles and improved skin tone. With a minimally invasive procedure as this it may also be paired with photo rejuvenation and other non-invasive techniques that provide enhanced age reversing effects. For more information about the laser mini facelift Rhode Island contact our office at (508) 481-8346.