Radiesse: The Priority Collagen Producer before the Holidays

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Now that Halloween is over, we all have those two little words in our minds that nearly everyone dreads: holiday season. Ah, you knew it would be here quicker than ever, and once again you look in the mirror and start noticing those signs of aging are not really getting better as the years go by. You may also dread the holiday season because it is a constant reminder that your family and in-laws will have to see these aging flaws get the best of you, as fine lines start developing into deep wrinkles. No amount of makeup will be enough to hide them, so instead you should consider turning to something that other people are turn to at this time of year – Radiesse.

What is Radiesse Treatment?

Radiesse Rhode Island patients all have a few things in common when they come in for a consultation: wrinkles, lack of facial volume and deficient collagen production. With our help we can bring volume back into the areas where you need it most just in time for the holiday season. Radiesse is comprised of calcium based microspheres administered in the form of a gel injection, similar to the likes of BOTOX. However, it is much more efficient than BOTOX, because Radiesse is a facial filler that works quickly to add volume and encourage the body to replenish collagen.

Collagen stimulators are a must-have whenever patients with aging skin realize that they no longer have the natural sources in their body working hard for their skin. Radiesse also works best to not only fill in hollowed out areas, but it can also be used to reshape the bridge of your nose or straighten out the nasal profile. On top of this, depending on the location of the injection, Radiesse also focuses on lifting patient’s skin with effects that last up to a year or longer.

Why Some Patients Consider Radiesse over Other Fillers?

While many patients find cosmetic surgery as the first step of correction for any aging flaw, they do not realize that there are minimally invasive procedures that do not require a scalpel or anesthesia. It is also discouraging to see that their youthful and plump lips or sunken cheeks have changed dramatically in such a short time. However, with the FDA-approved treatment like this one, fuller lips can be achieve and a fuller looking face can be brought back as your face receives facial contouring treatment. Some other reasons why patients consider this facial filler over others include:

  • Restore lost volume in the face
  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Results may last for a year or longer in most patients
  • Lift areas of sagging skin

Skin Rejuvenation Just in Time for the Holidays

If you want to fight the signs of aging quickly before Thanksgiving and Christmas, then now is the time to learn about Radiesse and skin rejuvenation. The cosmetic surgeon Rhode Island patients trust is available to help answer your questions and give you an honest opinion. Get the best Radiesse treatment Rhode Island patients are raving about. Contact our cosmetic surgery center online for or directly for a consultation by calling (508) 481-8346.