Planning for Halloween Parties: Now is The Time to Get Botox

You have your Halloween costume all set and ready, shoes are shined, your hair is fine, how about your face? Maybe it is not quite the way you envisioned to be as the finishing touch for your outfit. The next best thing is to run out to the store and clear out their makeup aisle to cover up those spooky wrinkles and sad lines. We feel that your face is your best asset, and with Botox you will not have to hide it this coming 31st.

Botox reduces wrinkles in the upper half of the face. The procedure treats signs of aging brought about by years of making many expressions including laughter, sadness, and anger. These signs of aging can be corrected by Botox to give you smoother skin. It is the most commonly performed minimally invasive aesthetic procedure in the United States by a HUGE margin due to it’s safety and effectiveness.

Wrinkles and fine lines develop with muscle contractions in the face. The more the muscles contract, over time the areas between the brow, forehead and around the eyes become more visible. The amount of Botox needed for each patient varies and each injection dosage varies, which is why it is important to choose experienced cosmetic surgeons when getting Botox.

How Long Will the Effects Last?

Usually there are one to three injections per muscle treated. Smoother and tighter looking skin will become visible within a range of a few hours to days. Patients can then notice that their face is adjusted and younger in appearance, reaching its maximum potential.

According to Mayo Clinic, depending on the problem being addressed, the effects of Botox may last from three months to a year. Patients in need of maintaining results will meet with their surgeon for follow-up injections.

When is The Right Time to Get Botox Before The Big Party?

The time to get Botox is now. Schedule your procedure ahead of time, so your results can settle in. Generally speaking, the maximum effects of Botox can make its presence within one to two weeks after treatment. If the big party lands on the 31st, patient should schedule their appointment for the 23rd or sooner to achieve the best effects.

It may feel like the fun of Halloween is behind us, but kids are not the only ones who should have all the fun. Refresh your look with a youthful appearance and instead of getting a mask that leaves you sweaty or a ton of expensive makeup, give yourself a look that will last well beyond the ghouls and trick-or-treaters. Scare off the aging wrinkles and don’t hide behind a mask this season. Give your face the look of youth and confidence.