How can I reduce age spots with Photo Rejuvenation?

Damaged skin is far too common as our bodies get older. There is only so much we can do to hide age spots, and we cannot stay locked up in our homes forever. What is the solution? Photo Rejuvenation mends dryness, sun damage and discoloration on the face and other constantly exposed areas.

Photo rejuvenation treats the surface of the skin through light energy from broadband light. By gently heating the upper layers of skin the target areas stimulate skin cells to regenerate collagen and increases firmness. Photothermal energy removes the unwanted melanin that causes pigmented lesions and blemishes. The process restores skin to its natural colors and becomes smooth to the touch. Areas of the body that need the most attention are the face, neck, chest, back and shoulders.

Who is a candidate for Photo Rejuvenation?

People who desire clear and youthful skin will see that this procedure can decrease signs of aging. Patients with realistic expectations can achieve the results they have been wishing for. Depending on the area of treatment, the procedure will correct unwanted flaws. Ideal candidates for Photo Rejuvenation include patients with:

  • Pigmentation from age spots, sun damage and liver spots
  • Rosacea (Redness of face)
  • Facial veins or spider veins
  • Hemangiomas (birthmarks or raised blood vessels)

Enlarged pores

Those who have already attempted but failed alternative rejuvenation treatments, such as masks, cream and bath products, can achieve the results they have been aiming for.

Patients with a history of scarring, bleeding, cold sores or poor healing may not be benefit from the procedure.

What causes aging spots?

People generally develop aging spots due to overexposure to ultraviolet light. They do not take care of their skin as they should. An individual’s genetic makeup may also have a role in how vulnerable the skin is to developing age spots.

According to Mayo Clinic, age spots are caused by years of direct exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun. Use of commercial tanning beds and tanning lamps also contribute to age spots. The upper layer of the skin, epidermis, gives the skin its normal color called melanin. UV light exposure accelerates the production of melanin, that causes the skin to tan and protect deep layers of skin from UV rays. Areas of the skin that have years of frequent sun exposure, age spots appear when high concentrations of melanin are produced. As a person becomes older, sun exposure produces extra melanin.

What does Photo Rejuvenation treat?

Photo Rejuvenation removes skin blemishes, broken capillaries, sun spots, redness, freckles, birthmarks, brown spots, age spots and uneven skin tone. The treatment also helps reverse effects of aging skin by reducing fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation.

How can I prevent aging spots?

Preventing age spots becomes more important for aging patients, because the skin is more vulnerable to UV ray exposure which can cause burning, itching and other skin deficiencies. After having treated aging spots, patients should limit their sun exposure and protect themselves by:

  • Avoiding the sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  • Use protective sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher
  • Cover up the body during extended sun exposure

The sun’s rays are the most intense in the middle of the day, so be cautious and avoid direct sunlight by staying in the shade or indoors. Limit outdoor activities or schedule them for other times of the day.

Apply sunscreen to exposed body parts to protect against UVA and UVB light. The higher the SPF value is the higher percentage of UV rays that are filtered from the skin. People who are sensitive to light or have a history of skin cancer should use a sunscreen with a high SPF value, not all UV rays are blocked with the use of sunscreen. It is recommended to reapply sunscreen every two hours or sooner.

Protection from the sun also includes wearing hats, visors and tightly woven clothing around the arms and legs.

For more information about how to reduce aging spots make an appointment with Americas Cosmetic Surgery Centers. Removing aging spots is possible with Photo Rejuvenation. There is no down time and no need for invasive surgery for correction. Find out what the advanced technology of broadband light can do for your skin today.