Benefits of the NeoGraft Transplant Technique

The NeoGraft Technique is actually possible thanks to a newer device used in the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method of hair transplantation. This tool enables the physician to remove individual follicles from donor sites in the back of the scalp where follicles are not genetically predisposed to balding. The healthy follicles are then transplanted to other areas of the scalp that have been affected by balding or severe thinning. The NeoGraft tool was developed with the idea and purpose of giving physicians a natural, hand-fitting tool. The overall goal was to get something to feel less like an instrument and more like a physician’s own fingers. This gives them a more natural feel and more accurate vantage point to perform the procedure. The benefits, however, extend beyond the tool itself. Here are the top 5 benefits to the NeoGraft method.

Less Invasive Procedure

FUE transplantation is a non-surgical procedure. Because there is less blood vessel and nerve damage, patients are in and out faster than most other transplant patients. This also lends itself to less scarring, less pain and less discomfort.

Quicker Recovery

Another benefit to the less invasive nature of using the NeoGraft is much quicker recovery with faster healing post treatment. The procedure itself is faster as well. These factors all contribute to less risk and treatment complications. Our patients are typically able to resume normal activities quicker; usually the very next day. After about 12 weeks, significant hair growth will be restored in the transplanted site. At about 6 to 8 months after the procedure, natural hair continues to grow normally. Continued growth is not always a benefit with other treatment methods. By 9 months, the final result is a full head of healthy, natural looking hair.

More Natural Look

The device itself can be calibrated to match the depth of the harvested follicles with the exact depth they were originally positioned, which creates a more natural looking appearance. With other tools, a larger percentage of graft sites can heal with small white dots that are often visible. With the NeoGraft, patients can cut and style their hair without worrying whether anyone can see evidence of the transplant.

More Successful Results

The NeoGraft makes the hair transplant process more successful as well. The innovative collection process is customized for each patient which improves viability of each graft. Typically, a higher percentage of hair regrowth eliminates the need to shave for the graft extraction process, which reduces the cost per graft. Because each treatment using the NeoGraft transplants almost two times the amount of follicles than the traditional (stripping) method, patients are less likely to need a additional procedures later. Overall, more successful transfer rates equate to more volume (and the results last a lifetime)!

Almost All Patients are Candidates

Though we offer a variety of male-specific procedures, women can suffer from hair loss just as much as men. Women account for around 40% of all those impacted by hair loss in the US. Men and women experience hair loss for different reasons, too. Most women have diffused thinning (also known as alopecia) throughout different areas of the scalp, while men tend to have distinct patterns of baldness that impacts specific sections of the scalp (primarily the top). Although most hair loss in men is due to heredity, hair loss can occur from stress, disease, or medications as well. This includes just about everyone with no notable limitations. Basically, anyone wanting to restore or add fuller hair can benefit from the procedure.

Treating Hair Loss with the NeoGraft at America’s Surgery Centers

No matter what your personal situation, having no hair or less hair proves significantly detrimental to one’s body image. Studies have identified hair loss as having sixteen different negative impacts including depression, humiliation, embarrassment, hiding (behind hats, scarves and facial hair), lack of confidence in other areas and a decrease in social interaction. Societal perception can be diminished inappropriately. No matter what the personal motivation is, the time for all suffering is over. We can help! Call our office or complete our online form to schedule a consultation today. If you’re curious about our procedures in general, just check out our FAQ to find out about our broad range of helpful services.